2013 Dunham Certification Workshop and Symposium

Flyer by Leslie Arbogast

Flyer by Leslie Arbogast

August 11 – 16 in Oakland, CA

The Institute for Dunham Technique Certification is  dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of dancer/choreographer/anthropologist Katherine Dunham. (1909-2006) The Institute maintains a professional standard for the teaching of Dunham Technique, and creates a worldwide network of professional Dunham instructors who actively maintain current knowledge and practice of Dunham Technique.

Once on the path to certification, the candidate must participate in Dunham Technique Certification Workshops. These workshops are for the development,
training, and testing of candidates for certification, however they are also
open to the general public, attending in order to learn more about Katherine
Dunham and the Dunham Technique. This mixed-group approach allows the candidate
to have the opportunity to teach in a real class situation, with varied age
levels, while offering the public the opportunity to study with exceptional
Master Teachers, Certified Instructors, and candidates for certification.  As a
part of the Workshop classes are offered in Dunham Technique, Dunham History and
Philosophy, and Pedagogy.

Find out more by visiting The Institute for Dunham Certification website here.



Love and Truth from Two Contrasting Teachers

Paul Sutherland, a Joffrey Ballet dancer who I knew as a student of the Grand Rapids Ballet School, was a tender man who sprinkled on baby powder and entered the studio every morning to perform hand-stand pushups against the wall.  In class, he always addressed us as “dancers,” usually twice in a row,  in his […]

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A diverse crowd attends the West African and Brazilian dance classes in downtown Tucson, men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  Witnessing bold action has a generous effect.  It gives us all permission to be so bold.  It encourages us to detach from the judgment of our egos.  The drummers sense our vibration and […]

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Tap Dance and Reading Fluency Lesson Plan for Grades 6-12 Objectives Students will compare the rhythms in conversational speech to the rhythms in tap dance.  They will also relate reading fluency to movement fluency. Arizona Dance Standards Strand 1:  Create Concept 3:  Elements of Dance Identify, demonstrate, and analyze the elements of dance (time, space, […]