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Founding Director of Dance, Assistant Professor
College of Fine Arts & Production, Grand Canyon University, 2010 – Present


Master of Fine Arts. Theatre Arts with Dance Emphasis. University of Arizona School of Dance

Bachelor of Science. Social Sciences. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Dance, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Performance Ethnography, Performance Theory, Black Popular Culture, Educational Neuroscience, Community-Based Research, Social Justice, Gender Theory


2012       Dunham Technique Certification.  Institute for Dunham Technique Certification

2005       Secondary Teaching Certification in Dance. Provisional Endorsement K-12, Structured English Immersion. Rio Salado College, Tempe, Arizona


2010-2015  Artistic Director, Ethington Dance Ensemble, College of Fine Arts and Production, Grand Canyon University. Phoenix, Arizona
Bi-Annual Dance Concert Series and Elementary Dance Tour


2010-2015  Director of Dance, Assistant Professor. College of Fine Arts and Production, Grand Canyon University. Phoenix, Arizona

Taught various levels of coursework including jazz, ballet, modern, and tap dance, dance history, somatics, applied pedagogy, integrated arts, elementary and secondary methods, and world dance studies

Academic Service: Served on University Assessment Committee,
Faculty Professional Development Advisory Committee.
Acted as Peer Classroom Observer and Discussion Facilitator for the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching

-Directed Bachelor of Arts Program in Dance Education, leading to certification in grades K-12 in Arizona

-Collaboratively designed B.A. Dance Education and B.A. Dance degrees with Curriculum Design and Development

-Collaborated in university program review process to evaluate dance program effectiveness across a 3-year cycle

-Contributed to accreditation efforts with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

-Led re-accreditation efforts at programmatic level with the Higher Learning Commission

-Applied for and gained program approval with the Arizona Department of Education to offer institutional recommendation for the Arizona K-12 Arts Education Certificate in Dance

-Developed and continuously revised programmatic assessment plan by establishing programmatic benchmarks, aligned program standards to external accreditation boards, analyzed student assessment data, implemented improvement action plans, revised curricula and measurement tools, trained adjunct instructors on assessment

-Collaborated with student leadership to produce and stage manage the Student Spotlight Concert Series and additional concert productions

-Interviewed, hired, scheduled, and conducted training for adjunct faculty

-Hosted guest artist residencies with dance artists of national and international reputation. Hosted events including the AzDEO’s Annual College Expo and Tap 24.7

-Led student recruitment efforts for dance and coordinated auditions for the College of Fine Arts and Production

-Led department’s participation the American College Dance Festival, West Region Conference

-Collaborated with marketing department to design web and print media

2005-2010 Dance Teacher, Amphitheater Middle School, Tucson, Arizona

Led beginning and advanced level-courses of classical and Contemporary modern dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, West African, Mexican folklorico, musical theater. Wrote curriculum aligned with national and state arts standards. Co-produced school-wide performing arts concerts and events. Conducted collaborative action research through district-wide instructional services including Career Ladder, Arizona Proposition 301, and Project Excell, a federal Title I grant program

Facilitated students’ participation in local and regional festivals, concerts, and events. Sponsored student dance club and mentored student officers. Hosted local and international guest artists, who taught world dance forms including Congolese (Julian Babinga), Brazilian (Roseangela Silvestre)

2005-2008 Dance Teacher, City High School. Dance elective. Tucson, Arizona

2005-2008 Dance Teacher, O-T-O Dance. Aerial, Modern, Jazz. Tucson, Arizona

2005-2008 Dance Teacher, Zuzi! Arts Lab. Afro-Modern, Jazz. Tucson, Arizona

2003-2005 Dance Teacher. Tucson Unified School District, Sahauro High School, Sabino High School. Tucson, Arizona

2001-2003  Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Dance, University of Arizona

Led modern, jazz, tap, theatre dance, and improvisation. Assisted Dance History, Dance and World Cultures. Taught creative movement for ages 2-4

Dance Teacher, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Ballet Arts of Grand Haven, Muskegon High School. Ballet, jazz, hip hop. Western Michigan
1999-2001Dance Teacher, West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics, Spring Lake, Michigan

Directed dance program at public charter school with elementary and middle school; taught courses in concert and folk forms, creative movement; collaboratively planned thematic curricular units with academic and arts teachers through Arts Integration design process, mapping and standard alignment; produced concert productions featuring student choreography and choreographed two annual musicals and selections for school assemblies, open houses and community events; contributed to committees; active in parent-teacher organization and site council


2015       Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award, Grand Canyon University

AriZoni nomination for Choreography in Non-Contracted Theatre, Oklahoma! Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein. Ethington Theatre

2013       President’s Faculty Award of Excellence, Grand Canyon University

Excellence in Education Award, Phoenix Mercury

2011       AriZoni nomination for Choreography in Non-Contracted Theatre, Pirates of Penzance. Gilbert and Sullivan. Ethington Theatre

2007       Ecole des Sables, Toubab Dialaw. (declined) scholarship to Germaine Acogny’s school of Contemporary modern dance in Dakar, Senegal

2006       Tucson Pima Arts Council Travel Grant, San Francisco/Bay Area African Dance and Drum Conference

2003       West African Research Association Research Grant. Alternate candidate for 6-month study grant in Guinea, West Africa

2001-2003  College of Fine Arts, University of Arizona. Graduate Creative Achievement Award in Dance.  Medici Scholar Award.  Fulbright Competition Finalist.  Graduate Student & Professional Council Travel Grant.  Alpha Delta Pi Excellence in Teaching Citation

2016       Workshop.  Dwelling in the Soma.  Guest artist residence with University of Michigan’s Residential College. Master class in Dunham Technique at the Dance Department. Ann Arbor, Michigan

2015       Workshop Intensive. Duncan and Dunham: Embodied Philosophies and Practices. Annual Conference of the National Dance Education Organization. Phoenix, Arizona

2014       Paper Presentation. Moving in Step with Katherine Dunham: A Model Curriculum.  Annual Conference of the National Dance Education Organization. Miami, Florida

2012       Paper Presentation. Applications of the Dunham Technique in Jazz Dance. Annual Conference of the Humanities Education and Research Association. Salt Lake City, Utah

2011       Paper Presentation. A Metacognitive Approach to Dance Education.  Annual Conference of the Humanities Education and Research Association. San Francisco, California

2010       Panel Presentation. Developing Creative Problem-Solving Skills Through Dance in Tucson Schools with Dr. Suzanne Knosp, Wendy Joy Koltnow, Julie Wise Andrews. Annual Conference of the National Dance Education Organization


2015       Collaboratively designed and implemented Dance at the Core, K-8 dance programming initiative with the Arizona Dance Education Organization

2009-2010  Designed and implemented Arts Jump! Arts Integration Learning Project,
collaborating with teachers and students in academic courses to increase student achievement through cross-curricular programming. Tucson, Arizona

2008-2010  Taught dance and musical theatre for Project Achieve, K-8th grade after-school program with community service component; wrote grants to expand program course offerings and community infrastructure including vertical gardens, water harvesting, and skateboard parks. Tucson, Arizona

2007 – 2009         Taught after-school dance, nutrition, wellness, and personal development classes with Community Extension Programs. Tucson, Arizona

2009-2014  Participant, Arts Congress, State Capital with Arizona Citizens for the Arts

2008-2010  Participant, instigator, and collaborator in The Water Project by the Tucson Arts Brigade in collaboration with Tucson’s Earth Day Festival

2006-2008  Participant, performer in classes and events with community-based arts organizations including Mamaxé, Dambe Project, Rhythm Industry, Flam Chen, Movement Shala (now Movement Culture), Zuzi! Move It, Batucaxé, Tucson Meet Yourself


2016       Giving Voice, Ethington Theatre, April 15 – 16.  Cloud Break. Modern. Phoenix, Arizona.

2015       Pacem in Terris, Ethington Theatre, December 11-12.  Washed, Carried.

Ballet to Broadway, Ethington Theatre, April 17 – 18. Maybe This Time. Jazz, musical theatre. Kansas City. Musical Theatre.

Oklahoma! Department of Theatre, Ethington Theatre. Directed by Michael Kary.

2014       Balance/Opposition, Ethington Theatre, December 5-6. The Arms of the Milky Way.  Contemporary modern.

reNEWal, Ethington Theatre, April 22 – 23. B-Sides. Contemporary  modern, jazz, funk.

2013       raDiANCE, Ethington Theatre, December 11 – 12. Living, Lasting. Contemporary modern, West African.

Twinge, Ethington Theatre, April 26 – 27. Say You Do. Contemporary modern, ballet.

2012       Road Less Traveled, Ethington Theatre, December 12-13. Particulate Matters.  Contemporary modern, jazz.

@, Ethington Theatre, April 27 – 28. Survival Is Not A Color.  Contemporary modern, tap.

2011       Legacy, Ethington Theatre, December 15 – 16. Zuspitzen.  Contemporary modern, jazz.

Roots of Paradise, Ethington Theatre, April 15 – 16. Branches. A Prolonged Conversation with Fruit.  Contemporary modern, West African, ballet.

2010       Kinetic Dreams, Ethington Theatre, December 11 – 12. Stolen Moments.  Contemporary modern, jazz. Healer. I’ve Done What I Could To Pick Up the Pieces.  Contemporary modern, jazz, ballet.

25 Years and Still Flying. Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, June 18-19. Shaken Ultimatums. Contemporary modern. Tucson, Arizona

Pirates of Penzance, Department of Theatre, Ethington Theatre. Directed by Claude Pensis.

2007       Flying, Dance, and Films II. Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, June 15-16. Enough. Contemporary modern, West African.

2006       Spring Sprung Dances. Ortspace Warehouse, May 6-7. AshEncounters. Contemporary modern, West African. Tucson, Arizona

2005       If Walls Could Speak. Ortspace Warehouse, December 2-4. Stones in My Cocoa. Tap, Contemporary modern.  Ad Interim. Contemporary modern.

Arizona High School Dance Festival. Maryvale High School, March 5. Wave. Contemporary modern, ballet. Phoenix, Arizona

Crossfade. Spring Dance Concert, Sabino High School, April 28. Gotcha’: Jazz. Duke’s Juke Joint: Jazz. Tucson, Arizona


2016       Breaking Ground Dance Festival: I-Land choreographed by Susannah Keita. Tempe Center for the Arts, January 29. Tempe, Arizona

2015       Artel, Improvised, untitled solo and group performance. Curated by Carley Conder.  Hotel Clarendon. May 15. Phoenix, Arizona

Tap My Sole. Ensemble performance. Directed by Jenefer Miller and Suzy Guarino. Ethington Theater, Grand Canyon University.  May 24. Tempe, Arizona

2014       In the Pocket, Ensemble performance. Directed by Jenefer Miller and Suzy Guarino. Tempe Center for the Arts.  May 25. Phoenix, Arizona

2012       Road Less Traveled: One, choreographed by Leanne Schmidt. Ethington Theatre, December 12-13. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Festival of the Arts: Aria and The Sixth Hour, choreographed by Jenny Showalter of Treeline Dance Works. Phoenix Center for the Arts, December 9. Phoenix, Arizona

2011       L’heure Bleue: Bless Us Confess Us.  Dance, spoken-word solo.  C-5 Warehouse Space. Arizona Sash Factory, November 18. Tucson, Arizona

2011       Ethington Dance Ensemble:  Love, Drum, Talk, choreographed by Zari Le’on.  I’ve Done What I Could To Pick Up the Pieces. April 16-17. Phoenix, Arizona

2010       New Articulations Dance Theatre, Directed by Kimi Eisele, Katie Rutterer. Adaptations, Zuzi Dance Theatre, April 17-18. Tucson, Arizona

2008       Many Mouths, One Stomach.  Directed by Paul Weir and Nadia Hagen. Dia de los Muertos, All Souls Procession.  Choreographed, performed Aerial Dance on a 200-foot crane, November 2. Tucson, Arizona

Funhouse Movement Theater, Directed by Lee Anne Hartley.  Winter Forest, Spring’s Awakening, choreographed by Dr. John M. Wilson. Pima Community College Fine Arts Center, April 11-12. Tucson, Arizona

2007       Zuzi Move It! Dance Theatre. Playful Warriors, choreographed by Dr. Ojeya Cruz Banks. Zuzi Dance Theater, December 21-23. Tucson, Arizona

2005-2008  Thom Lewis Dance Theatre, Directed by Thom Lewis.
Cat’s Cradle, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, March 7-8, 2008.
The Emporer’s New Threads, Pima Community College Fine Arts Center, Jan. 13-14, 2008.  Suite Down Under, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, October 29-30, 2007. Tucson, Arizona

2005-2010  OTO Dance Theatre, Directed by Anne Bunker.
Flying, Dance, and Films III, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, June 13-14, 2008.
25 Years and Still Flying, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, June 18-19, 2010.
Flying, Dance, and Films II, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, June 15-16, 2007.
IV Festival Internacional Mujeres en la Danza in Quito, Ecuador, March 8-18, 2006. Short Stories, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, December 1-2, 2006.
New Decade New Dances, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre, November 4-6, 2005. Flying and Films at the Fox, The Historic Fox Theatre, March 2-4, 2006. Spring Sprung Dances, Ortspace Studios, May 6-7, 2006. Tucson, Arizona

2005-2015  Vocal and musical collaboration, recording and performance with artists and groups including Spirit Familia, Corbin Dooley, Electric Feel, Sound Propagation, Key Ingredients of African Soul, Bassirima Soro. Arizona.

2003       Prolegomenon. Master of Fine Arts Concert, Directed by Susannah Kéita. Shy, choreographed by Andrew Humphrey. May 1-2. Tucson, Arizona

1998-2001  InSync Dance Theatre. Directed by Roseanne Devries and Dawn MacIlhargey-Wigert. Soloist roles:  Estupenda Graça, Gospel Suite, Inner City Blues. Ensemble roles:  Tribute to Bob Fosse, Locomotive Portraits, Jumping Jack Jive, Salsa, Drink of Summer. Holland, Michigan

1999       Grand Rapids Circle Theatre, Directed by Rodney Vacarro. A Little Night Music. Choreographed by William Schutte. Grand Rapids, Michigan

1996-1998  Adrenaline Dance, Directed by John Paolillo. Industrial events for New York Sports Club, DKNY Action. NY, New York.

1997       Whitney Houston, Directed by Paul Hunter. Step by Step. NY, New York.

1996       The Burn. Produced by Lauren Singer. Instructor for nationally distributed fitness video. NY, New York.

1988-1991  Grand Rapids Ballet, Directed by Charthel Arthur . Soloist roles:  The Nutcracker, Coppélia, Marathon. Ensemble roles:  Sleeping Beauty, Gaité Parisienne, Cinderella, Carousel. Grand Rapids, Michigan.


2005       Arizona Dance Education Organization.  Past-President, 2015 – 2017, President, 2013 – 2015. Higher Education Representative, 2 year term 2011-2013

2010       Institute for Dunham Technique Certification. Pedagogy co-chair. 2014 – present

2002       National Dance Education Organization

2010       National Association of Schools of Dance

2010       Arizona Dance Coalition

2010       Arizona Citizens for the Arts

2010       Katherine Dunham Center for the Arts and Humanities


References Available Upon Request